TEV Endorses Jim Cooper for Olympia City Council

Jim Cooper for Olympia City Council Position #7

Jim Cooper’s track record on the Olympia City Council demonstrates a sincere commitment to the preservation of sensitive habitats and open space and a receptiveness to environmentalists’ perspectives on important issues such as climate change mitigation, alternative transportation, and growth management. Cooper strongly supported the establishment of the Olympia Metropolitan Parks District in 2016 and was named its first President. He also currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA).

Jim speaks clearly and forcefully about the importance of facing the reality of climate change and taking steps both to mitigate Olympia’s contribution to global warming and to prepare for its consequences. He has highlighted the need to be realistic about expectation that sea-level rise will make six- to ten-foot storm-surges a regular occurrence in the South Puget Sound by the end of this century. Jim is also aware that Olympia government has an important role to play in organizing a community-wide clean energy strategy that will sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to residents, businesses and government institutions in Thurston County.

In endorsing Cooper, TEV was encouraged by Jim’s experience, expertise, and energy as a political campaigner. We invite all of our supporters and friends to join us in retaining Jim in Position 7 on the Olympia City Council.