2017 Endorsements

Endorse22TEV works hard to interview and endorse candidates who we feel will work to strengthen and enforce environmental policies and regulations in Thurston County and Washington State. This year we are proud to endorse the following candidates:

Lacey City Council

Rachel Young, Position 3
Cynthia Pratt, Position 4
Andy Ryder, Position 5
Michael Steadman, Position 6
Carolyn Cox, Position 7

Olympia City Council

Clark Gilman, Position 4
Lisa Parshley, Position 5
Renata Rollins, Position 6
Jim Cooper, Position 7

Tumwater City Council

Eileen Swarthout, Position 4
Michael Althauser, Position 5
Pete Kmet, Mayor

Port of Olympia

Bill Fishburn, Position 2
Ej Zita, Position 3

Thurston County

Jeff Gadman, Thurston County Treasurer