TEV Endorses Kelsey Hulse for Thurston County Commissioner


Kelsey Hulse will make an excellent County Commissioner. Her recent experience as a development specialist raising funds for The Evergreen State College demonstrates her leadership, fundraising, and people skills.

Kelsey’s campaign is particularly deserving of our support because her only opponent in the race is lifelong Republican and former Thurston County Sheriff, Gary Edwards. Edwards is cynically running as an “Independent” but has nonetheless garnered endorsements from quite a few local Republican office holders and donors. We have little doubt that, if Edwards were to win the race, he would ally himself with fellow pseudo-Independent Bud Blake to form a reactionary, anti-environment majority on the County Commission and use that control to reverse course on many of Thurston County’s progressive environment policies.

Hulse looks toward the future with ambition and optimism. She will protect our open lands and parks, promote sustainable economic growth in our unincorporated areas, and build a social service network that doesn’t leave any family behind.